How are children with specific learning needs catered for?

St Patrick's College seeks to respond to the diverse learning needs of students across the College by providing support services to these students, their teachers and families. These support services are underpinned by the processes of identification, monitoring, programming, in-service training of staff and communication.

Qualified staff with the Exceptional Learner Department work to support classroom teachers in developing, implementing and evaluating appropriate learning programs that actively respond to the diverse needs of learners. These programs will be student-centred and include Individual Education Plans (IEP), Educational Adjustment Profiles (EAP), Support Plans and Curriculum Differentiation. These programs are developed to address the specific learning needs of students who are gifted, those for whom English is an additional language, those with learning difficulties and those with disabilities.

Students are also able to access lunch time tutoring sessions for specific subjects. Year 11 and Year 12 men are able to attend after school tutoring supported by Old Boys of the College.