How Do I Enrol My Son?

Prospective families can register their interest in enrolling their son at the College by completing an Enrolment Interest Registration at any stage.

Our main intake Year levels are Year 5 and Year 7.

Upon processing your registration of interest, your son's details will be placed in the College database. Please note: the registration process is an expression of interest only and will not be considered an official application for enrolment.

Approximately two years prior to your nominated start year, the College will forward details and login credentials for completing an official Application for Enrolment.

Parents will then be required to make an enrolment interview booking via our online booking system. Year 7 interviews occur in March two years prior to commencement while Year 5 interviews take place in the August two years prior. The interview involves a more detailed explanation of the ethos and educational practices of St. Patrick's College and seeks a commitment to these practices.

Offers of places are made in May/June of that year (approximately 18 months before the year of entry).

Early in Term 4 of the year prior to your son's year of entry, an Orientation Evening is conducted for parents and students.

Please note: If you are interested in your son attending St Patrick’s College but have missed these timelines, due to family movement and increased labour mobility, places can become available throughout the year in all year levels and will be offered at the Principal’s discretion.

Please contact our Enrolment Office on +617 3631 9025 at any stage for enrolment enquiries for all year levels.

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