Why Should I start My Son in Year 5?

We often get asked about the advantages of your son starting in Year 5. Our pastoral care system is unique in that it integrates all students from Year 5 right through to Year 12. During Year 5, students develop a knowledge of whole school expectations and culture. Younger students look up to their older “big brothers’ and are aware of our future expectations. From Year 5 they are actively involved in whole-school activities – they attend entire College assemblies, Athletics and Swimming carnivals and have shared lunch times. There is no segregation between the year levels. Educationally, we can also commence tracking the students' academic performance and subsequently intervene if there are learning issues from an earlier age. Teachers in the middle phase have access to senior phase teachers to discuss best educational practices. By joining us in Year 5, we find our primary school students are well-prepared for the rigors of high school.

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