St Patrick’s College requires students to maintain a high standard of dress and grooming so as to present an appropriate image of the College to the broader community and to each other.

Uniform Requirements

The College uniform consists of:

  • Grey shirt (Years 5-11)
  • White shirt (Year 12)
  • College Tie (Years 5-10 Term 2 & Term 3)
  • College Tie (Years 11-12 all year)
  • Grey trousers or grey dress shorts and long College socks
  • Plain black leather belt
  • Black, shiny, lace-up leather shoes
  • College Blazer (Years 10-12)
  • College grey jumper
  • St. Patrick's broad brim hat

The Physical Education uniform consists of:

  • House sports shirt
  • Green sports shorts with yellow stripes
  • St. Patrick’s broad brim hat
  • College sports socks
  • Sports shoes
  • College hoodie or spray jacket

The Merchandise Store, the College's official uniform supplier, is located in the Seaview Building in Pier Avenue. The Merchandise Store supplies all uniform requirements and sells both new and quality second hand items.