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"I see no value in a centre of learning which churns out numberless school leavers each year and is passively part of a society torn apart by divisions of race and partisan politics. Whenever our students learn to relate with one another, are able to work side by side and recognise their common humanity irrespective of cultural differences, then we are true to our founding vision... Our schools exist to challenge popular beliefs and dominant cultural values, to ask the difficult question, to look at life from the standpoint of the minority, the victim, the outcast and the stranger."
Br Phillip Pinto cfc, Congregational Leader of the Christian Brothers, 2002.

St. Patrick's College is a proud Catholic school in the Edmund Rice tradition. With the person and story of Jesus Christ as our foundation, seen through the lens of Blessed Edmund Rice, founder of the Christian Brothers, we endeavour to provide an education that provides our students with both the skills and the desire to work for a better world for all.

We follow in the footsteps of the Christian Brothers in encouraging the young men of St. Patrick's to "fight the good fight."

Blessed Edmund Rice and the Christian Brothers

Edmund Rice was born in 1762 in Callan, county Kilkenny, Ireland. Following his early education he moved to Waterford where he was apprenticed to his uncle, Michael, who supplied the numerous shops visiting the expanded port.

Edmund eventually succeeded his uncle and became a prosperous businessman. He married in 1785 and a daughter was born to the marriage but soon after his wife died in 1789. Edmund cared for his daughter with the support of his step-sister, Joan.

After much discernment and seeing the lack of Christian education among the boys of Waterford, Edmund commenced his great work of Christian education, which over time spread across the globe.

Two religious congregations, the Christians Brothers and the Presentation Brothers, developed from the foundation which he laid in 1802. Edmund led the Brothers for many years before dying in Waterford in 1844.

In 1996, he was declared "Blessed" by the Church - the first step in the Catholic Church towards sainthood.

Today, the Christian Brothers continue to lead schools all over the world, and work with the poor and marginalised in communities as they strive for justice for all. They continue to provide inspiration and direction for our College in the twenty-first century.


Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA)

Edmund Rice Education Australia was established by the Christian Brothers in Australia and is an integral part of the Edmund Rice Network, the Catholic Church in Australia and its associated Catholic Education Commissions and Offices in dioceses of the Catholic Church around Australia.

Edmund Rice Education Australia was established in October 2007. It is the outcome of one of two project groups, the National Planning Committee for Schools Governance and Shaping our Future Committee Oceania.

As a result of the work of these two groups, the Christian Brothers decided to amalgamate separate Christian Brothers provinces in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea to form one Oceania Province focused on the social justice mission of the Christian Brothers.

Separately, Edmund Rice Education Australia was established with the intention of independently implementing the educational mission of the Christian Brothers. Both these entities commenced on 1 October 2007.

The intention of the new structure is to invigorate both missions while empowering lay people to become increasingly involved in the future work of the Christian Brothers.

The opportunity for Edmund Rice Education Australia is to reinforce the distinctive values of Edmund Rice Education through a national and unified network of Australian schools and educational entities.


The Charter

In 2011, the new Charter for Catholic Schools in the Edmund Rice Tradition was launched. It describes and provides a practical expression of the distinct identity of EREA.

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