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The Mission of the College Board is to build a community where gospel values and best educational practices are evident.

College Board Report 2017

It has been a pleasure to Chair the College Board again in 2017. The Board this year is comprised of the same dedicated group from our community as from midway through 2016. The Board is supported by a number of committees and I thank all who contribute and offer their expertise to these committees. The work of these groups enables the Board to make recommendations across a wide range of areas.

A new Master Planning Committee was formed this year. We are fortunate to have a beautiful campus as a result of work done by previous planning groups. This group will be looking at what areas may be enhanced. Sustainability, technological advances and how young men learn will determine what the classroom of the future may require.This year,Adam Carter was nominated by the Board to Chair our Finance Committee. This role will see him working closely with the new College Business Manager, Mr Liam Casey. We welcomed Liam to the College in September after the retirement of Mr Peter Sandaver. The Board expresses its thanks to Peter for his contribution during his 16 years of dedicated service to the College and wish him all the best in the next chapter of life’s journey.

EREA celebrated 10 years since its establishment. As a part of a reflection on those ten years, your Board, like the Boards of all other EREA Colleges, underwent an EREA Board Capability Health Check. This was an opportunity for College Boards to self-assess in a number of areas. The results were collated for all EREA schools and each College’s results benchmarked. The St Patrick’s College Board members possess a broad range of skills and this was reflected in the Health Check results.

One of the many highlights of 2017, was the opening of the Christian Brothers Building by Archbishop Mark Coleridge on St Patrick’s Day. He, along with some others in our community heard the School Song for the first time as an entire College, and was moved by the spirit. This certainly illustrated the pride that the young men of St Patrick’s have in their College.

This year the Data Collection team presented to the Board some indications of the power of collecting and tracking of data. The core business of any school is education, the results presented can be used in monitoring where each cohort is tracking in reference to where they were in previous years. These results assist in reviewing and developing programs to enrich learning outcomes.

The College Strategic Plan is due for renewal but rather than the Board, Principal or CLT setting the plan for the next five years, members of the St Patrick’s community were invited to contribute their thoughts of where they would like to see the College in that time. This may not have been as time effective as simply writing the plan but with consultation of the Board, CLT, Staff, a segment of the student body and parent feedback, this Shared Vision of our community will be integral in developing the Strategic Plan.

Finally I would like to thank our College Principal, Mr Chris Mayes, the College Leadership Team and all staff for their commitment to providing a holistic Catholic Education in the Edmund Rice tradition to the families of St Patrick’s through 2017.

Certa Bonum Certamen – Fight the Good Fight

David Molloy - Board Chair