Our Community

Past Students' Association

The St. Patrick's College Past Students' Association is the representative body of the Old Boys of the College. Since their inauguration in 1952, the Past Students' Association have worked with the College to enhance the education experience of students, and to develop a mutually beneficial and enduring relationship between the College and its Old Boys. You can support the Past Students' Association through membership.

Our Vision

St. Patrick's College Past Students' can serve the College by:

  • Assisting in the improvement and development of the infrastructures of St. Patrick's College;
  • Promoting social and cultural interests of past and present students;
  • Ensuring the continued well-being of our College and its students; and
  • Providing career guidance and opportunities for students through our network of members and affiliates.


Past Students' Association membership serves the Old Boys by:

  • Actively and publicly supporting the activities and principles of St. Patrick's College;
  • Providing a wide range of social gatherings and events for Old Boys to build and maintain friendships;
  • Providing a vehicle for communication between all Old Boys and the wider St. Patrick's College community;
  • Supporting the development and successful operation of all affiliated sporting and special interest activities.

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