Student Life

Instrumental Program

The aim of the performance program is the development of student's musical, social and personal awareness through participation in instrumental music instruction, ensembles, rehearsal and performance. It is not seen as an end in itself but rather as something that will add significantly to the quality of life both now at school and later in life. Students are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of musical ensembles and musical activities, allowing them to experience the joys of music making and to stimulate their interest in music.

Young men entering the College in any year level from Year 5 to 12 have the opportunity of participating in the College Instrumental Music program. This Co-curricular Instrumental program is in addition to the compulsory Years 5 and 6 music program that allows all students to study a particular music instrument during their class lessons. Co-curricular music allows students to join one or more of the many music groups available at St. Patrick's. These groups include a variety of brass bands, a drum corps, a string orchestra, a 'rock school' and a number of vocal groups.

Our Concert Band program provides tuition in percussion, strings, brass and woodwinds. A variety of different bands ranging from small jazz ensembles and string quartets to a complete concert band perform at a wide variety of functions each year, both within the College and at many broader community events.

The Rock School program offers tuition in drums, guitar, bass guitar, keyboards and vocals. Students will be given tuition on their individual instrument and as part of a small band. Our program follows the A.M.E.B curriculum and students will have the opportunity to sit for examinations in their chosen instrument.

Students are also encouraged to join our Junior or Senior vocal groups, which rehearse under the guidance of our College vocal tutor. These groups have many opportunities to perform at College liturgies and functions.