Student Life

Theatre Sports

Theatre Sports people are such finely trained improvisational athletes that no matter what you throw at them, they just bat it back.

Theatre Sports is a team based event where teams of four or five engage in 'games' where they must create a scene out of a 'theme' or 'idea' given to them only a few seconds prior to beginning. Within these few seconds, players must create a scene with a beginning, a middle and an end. This is based on surprise offers and audience suggestions, with no preparation time. The scenes could be done as songs, dance and poems and the teams then compete for points.

Theatre Sports at St. Patrick’s focuses on engendering a spirit of being in the moment, inspiring your fellow performers, listening, collaboration and above all, fun. We enter teams into the Youth Theatre Sport Competition held by Theatre Sport Queensland every year. As of 2014 St. Patrick's College are the reigning State Theatre Sport Champions. We also host competitions at the College and this gives students the opportunity to support their teams at home. It is open to all students from Years 8 - 12.