Teaching & Learning

Teaching & Learning

St. Patrick's College offers educational opportunities for young men from Year 5 through to Year 12. The curriculum offerings within the College are designed and delivered to account for the distinct needs of educating young men. Students are encouraged and challenged both in and outside the classroom environment, with the College implementing a pedagogical framework based on Robert Marzano's Art and Science of Teaching.

Excellence in Teaching

The teaching staff at St. Patrick's College are committed to providing engaging learning experience through the application of an innovative, College-wide pedagogical framework. Utilising the research of Robert Marzano, our teaching staff ensure quality teaching that balances the necessity of research-based data with the equally vital need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each individual young man. Our instructional strategies are based on sound science and research, but clearly demonstrate that there is an art to knowing when to use these and with whom. Our curriculum practices are framed by the Australian Curriculum, whilst promoting principles of Justice and Peace. The teaching staff of the College strive for excellence. They are a highly qualified, experienced and generous group of professionals who consistently contribute beyond expectations, both within and outside the classroom.

Unique Learning Pathways

A unique characteristic of Years 5 and 6 at St. Patrick's College is that students have increased access to the variety of facilities and specialised teachers that come with an integrated Year 5 – 12 campus. In addition to a core classroom teacher, students have the opportunity to study Design Technology, LOTE (Indonesian), Drama, Visual Art, Physical Education and Music through specialist teachers. This enables a more effective and efficient transition for students into the Middle Phase. Additionally, students with special or extension needs are provided with individual support for some lessons each week as well as assistance with particular learning tasks.

Throughout Years 7-9 students undertake a range of subject offerings. Core subjects include Religious Education, Study of Society and Environment, English, Information Communication Technology, Mathematics and Science. To compliment the core subjects, students are also required to choose elective subjects once they have concluded their Year 8 studies. Elective subjects include Advanced English, Science and Mathematics, Business Studies, Visual Art and Shop A and Shop B.

In senior schooling (Years of 10-12), students are encouraged to select a studies pathway that is suited to their interests and needs. Students may wish to undertake subjects that lead to Tertiary Entrance (OP) on completion of Year 12. Alternatively, students may wish to undertake subjects that lead to vocational outcomes, including the completion of TAFE certified Certificate Courses. These students may also participate in structured work placements (one day each week) within areas of employment that they wish to trial. Students may also select a combination of both of these pathways. All students in Years 11 - 12 are required to undertake seven (7) subjects. These must include a strand of Religious Education, Mathematics and English.

One to One Laptop Program

Information communication technologies have become ubiquitous in modern society. St. Patrick's College recognises the power of such technologies to foster higher level thinking but using information communication technologies effectively requires both specific hardware and appropriate curriculum design. To keep pace in a rapidly developing world students and staff must be afforded the opportunity to access these technologies and become confident in their use as teaching and learning tools. The College provides a one to one laptop program for all students to help support the effective use of information communication technologies within the classroom environment.