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College Patron

St Patrick was a 5th century missionary who was one of the first to take the Gospel (the good news) of Jesus to Ireland.

Patrick was born in Britain, during the Roman occupation of that island, in a Christian family. He was captured by Irish raiders as a boy and taken to live in Ireland as a slave. He later escaped and returned to his home as a young man.

As an adult he wrote a number of books about his life and explained that as a young man he had little interest in religion, it was simply the belief of his family. As a young adult, however, he came to see the significance of God in his life and chose to study the scriptures and learn as much as he could about Jesus. Eventually he became a priest and felt called by God to go back to Ireland and proclaim the Gospel to the people there.

His second arrival in Ireland was filled with many challenges that he faced with courage, intelligence and tenacity. Eventually his teaching impressed the political leaders of the people who became Christians and he was given a position of leadership for the growing Church in Ireland.

Patrick’s mission to Ireland was a great success but he always believed that God had called him to his work and that because of this his work would always be successful. The other idea that runs through Patrick’s spirituality was a real sense of compassion for the people who did not know Jesus, he felt that they did not have the ‘light’ they needed to live life to the full.

Because Patrick lived so long ago the true story of his life is covered by many myths and legends but at the heart of his story was a young man who listened to God calling him and who acted with courage and compassion to make the world a better place.

St Patrick's Breastplate

College FoundersEdmund-Rice_160511_140452.jpg?mtime=2016

Blessed Edmund Rice (1762 – 1844)

Born in Callan, Ireland, in 1762, Edmund came to the bustling city port of Waterford as a young man.

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The Christian Brothers

After Edmund Rice established his free school for boys in Waterford, other men were drawn to Edmund and his work of justice for the poor youth of the city.

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College Crest

The St. Patrick’s College Crest was created by Brother Brian Saward, one of the first four Christian Brothers at the College in 1952. To learn more about the College Crest click here »

College Motto

The College motto, 'Certa Bonum Certamen' is Latin for 'Fight The Good Fight'. The motto draws on St. Paul's writing in 1 and 2 Timothy.

“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith” – 2 Timothy 4:7.

“Fight the good fight of faith; take hold of the eternal life to which you were called, and you made the good confessions in the presence of many witnesses” – 1 Timothy 6:12.

College Prayer

God our Father, Bless the community of St. Patrick’s. Help us all – students, staff, parents and friends – to grow in strength as Christians and to be a good example to all. Encircle us with your loving care. To the sick grant health, to the aged bring serenity, and to those in sorrow, joy. Through the intercession and example of St Patrick our College Patron, and Mary, our Mother of Perpetual Help, may we grow in faith and may our love for You and one another become deeper in our daily lives. Amen.

College Formation


We believe our Call as members of the St. Patrick’s College community is to be:

Men of Faith

Live our life through our faith and spirituality

Men of Learning

Acquire knowledge, skills and a desire to make the world a better place

Men of Humility

Accept and welcome all members of the community while standing in solidarity with those at the margins

The St. Patrick’s College student is a young man of integrity who will make a difference to the community through his:


by actively engaging wholeheartedly in the life and mission of the College.


of College values, expectations and traditions through action and example, while striving for educational excellence.


by valuing diversity, leading through service and forming respectful relationships.

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