Teaching & Learning

Creative Arts

The Creative Arts at St. Patrick’s College is a vibrant and dynamic department, which encompasses Art, Drama, Music, Technical Production and Film, Television and New Media. The diverse range of subjects on offer is characterised by learning environments that promote imagination, critical thinking, cultural engagement, communication, creativity and problem solving.

Whether students are designing, producing and critiquing film, television (TV) and new media products; engaging in music by listening, playing an instrument, or composing their own popular songs; creating, shaping, performing and responding critically to dramatic action and meaning; making and appraising, resolving and displaying artworks; or engaging in industry level training in stage, lighting and sound production - a wealth of opportunities exist at St. Patrick’s College. The Creative Arts hopes to prepare the young men of our College for a future in the workforce by organising industry links and providing a means to connect with and learn about our own and other cultures and practices.