Teaching & Learning

Information Communication Technology

The Information Communication Technology (ICT) courses at St. Patrick’s College seek to immerse students in the knowledge, practices and dispositions necessary to operate effectively in information rich environments. Students engage in the transformation of data to information, information to knowledge and knowledge to wisdom.

As we require our students to master a broad range of associated ICT skills to equip them for the modern connected world, the College ensures that its information resources are current and up to date. Latest versions of industry used software installed on modern computers are assisted by multi-media equipped classrooms that facilitate effective learning and teaching.

St. Patrick’s College ensures that its students are technology literate when it comes to computer use. Technology is integrated into our teaching and learning processes to support the learning needs of students, to help develop their creativity and logical and lateral thinking, to assist with research, and to develop digital and information literacy skills. Computer studies at St. Patrick’s College deals with three main areas – management of the computer, publishing and managing data.