Teaching & Learning


Science at St. Patrick’s College is exciting. With all students studying Science in Years 5 through to 10, most continue into their senior years, choosing from Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Marine Studies in Years 11 and 12.

St. Patrick’s College features five university lecture style laboratories set up around a central preparation room hub. Across the College, Science has an experimental focus, encouraging young men to learn through all their senses and to develop skills in problem solving and nurturing the development of higher order thinking.

Science assignments help meld the theory taught to its application in the real world. To facilitate this, many field trips and excursions are part of our Science courses, ranging from the physical analysis of the rides at Dreamworld to the diversity of life in rock pools. Science at St. Patricks College equips young men for their continuing study of Science at tertiary level as well as giving them a good overall understanding of the nature of how things work in day-to-day life and their future work environment.